Creative Company is a Metz Press initiative. It is aimed at building a creative community of like-minded crafters. Here you can read about the latest trends in the crafting world, get to know craft experts, find free craft projects and have your say about all things crafty. The best part is that crafters can now buy single projects from the 250+ craft books that have been published by Metz Press to date. So now even projects from books that are out of print are available to crafters.

Regular visits to the site will give you access to free projects from brand new books. There will be a new project every two weeks. More information on each book and a link to buy the book will make it easy to get your hands on exactly what you want. And because you don’t live in a bubble, you can share the projects, ideas and information on your social networks.

In the Show & Tell area you can share your creative masterpieces with the crafting world. Simply take a photograph and upload your image. Regular interviews with our craft authors will give you insight into their worlds and you can also ask them questions about their crafts, techniques, secrets and tips. And of course there will be competitions and giveaways, product reviews and a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into putting together a book.

Joining the community is free and registering on the site will give you access to a world of inspiration and creative energy.

For more information or any queries, contact info@creative-company.co.za.